Miriam Freitag

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  • Miriam Freitag

  • Miriam Freitag studied graphic design, drawing and printmaking during the 12 years she lived in Mexico City. Upon returning to Montreal she majored in painting and drawing at Concordia University. Her work has been featured in exhibitions from Mexico City to Montreal, and her paintings can be found in collections throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Miriam Freitag is a prominent artist at Artworks Gallery.

    Miriam Freitag manipulates the canvas in a much subtler manner. By applying paint little by little a dialogue of objects is created for the viewer to build a story around. The objects in this story all create a sense of mystery. A barstool waiting for a customer, the faint appearance of a handwritten letter faintly sketched tulips resting in a jar. Through this dialogue the viewer opens their mind to wonderful thoughts and dreams of what was, can be and could have been. For Freitag, texture is not only on the surface of the canvas, it is in the subject she paints as well.