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  • Neal Gregory

  • Neal Gregory McGaha was born in Royston, the small Georgia town known as the home of baseball great and Hall of Famer Ty Cobb. In his effort to pursue a split career, baseball and art, Neal attended South Georgia College to further his baseball career. He then transferred to Georgia Southern where it became obvious to him that art would play the dominant role in his life. Neal went on the Art Institute of Atlanta where he graduated with top honours. Gregory’s impressionistic sports scenes are inspired by his love for all sports. Inspiration for his landscapes comes from his love of travel and viewing the countryside.

    “I am not your typical artist. I love to paint, capture and create, enjoying the smell of the paint, the canvas and the general sounds of the studio. I enjoy painting images where colour, composition, and mood all gel together to elevate the viewer’s awareness. Sports plays a major role in my life, as does traveling with my wife. When I view a particularly interesting or beautiful rolling hill or meadow, I immediately commit it to memory for translation onto paper or canvas. The same applies to watching a sporting event and wanting to capture victory or an intense swing, serve or throw”.