Paige Rodriguez

  • Paige Rodriguez

  • Coming from a background in design and retail display, Paige has developed a large body of fine art ranging from line art and charcoals, to painting, photography and digital imagery. As an emerging artist, there is no limit to what Paige can do. Her main interest, currently, is in the digital world. Her digital work starts from a photograph and from there, using Photoshop, Paige creates intriguing, unique images which are then printed using giclee printing onto canvas.

    "It's really the process of exploring and creating that I enjoy the most. My pieces are not planned, they just happen. Same with my drawings and paintings. I don't hit the paper knowing what is going to be drawn on it. I just draw and what ever is supposed to be drawn will be drawn."

    The beauty of her digital work is that it can be created at almost any size from the original image.

    As a self taught artist, Paige's work displays a natural talent for creating. From organic to digital to organic, she exhibits a strong sense of style from a strong sense of self. Her work is visual and stunning, simple and elegant. Sensitive, vibrant and pure of heart, it all comes out in her work. From the truth. - Paige.