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  • Paul Nickless

  • Paul Christopher Nickless paints in the abstract expressionist style using oil paint as his weapon of choice. Born and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan amidst the tundra of desolate winters and hot, beautiful summers, Paul was inspired to be an artist from a young age. Attending Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton Alberta, he studied Visual Communication and graduated with a Major in Graphic Design. Paul has a great passion for his natural surroundings and environment which heavily influence and reflect in his work. His raw method of expression draws the energy out of the environment and applies it to the canvas. Using traditional paint brushes, as well as pallet knives, Paul paints in a vigourous style which can be a physical workout as well as a mental one. Paul lets the painting paint itself sometimes and he finds that the hardest part about working on a piece is knowing when to stop. Sometimes the work can just happen by sheer movement alone. When he isn’t painting, Paul can often be found fishing the various lakes, rivers and oceans of the world or enjoying time with family and friends. Paul has also travelled extensively throughout Western and Eastern Europe and these travels often provide additional inspiration in his work. The paintings of Paul C. Nickless can be found in galleries and numerous private collections across Canada and the United States.