• Razzia

  • “I think we artists are just inspired, whether it be conscious or unconscious...Painting is a fulfillment of a vision.”

    Paris-born Razzia first used photography as his means of visual expression. His work in fashion advertising, cinema and newspapers helped form his acute sense of graphic design and traditional poster art style. Although Razzia’s style is reminiscent of the vintage poster master Cassandre, the work is uniquely Razzia. Razzia’s billboard posters communicate thoughts, attitudes and impressions. For him, creating visual art is akin to writing a short story, such is the careful composition and drama he deems necessary to accomplish each.

    The rich colours of Razzia’s impressive billboard posters were printed with six to fourteen colour plates each, under the direction of Razzia in Paris. Razzia produces billboards to keep the tradition of one artist as soul creator and producer of the work. Each of Razzia’s billboard posters is limited to an edition of 1800 and is hand-signed by the artist. The original billboards are printed in the traditional way on a very thin and fragile paper. To protect these valuable works, each has been specially mounted on heavy archival paper.

    Razzia has also created multi-media limited edition prints. Each of these prints started with an idea and was carefully transposed into reality. Much like a chef creates culinary delight with many different ingredients, Razzia uses whatever media he deems necessary to produce the desired result. Each is a new discovery.

    Razzia’s work is sought after throughout Europe. He can already list as clients and collectors some of the most recognizable and prestigious names in the world. Among others, they include Harrods, Louis Vuitton, Guy Laroche, the Monte Carlo Open, Volvo and Macy’s.