Richard Hall

  • Richard Hall

  • Richard Hall was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, the industrial area of northern England. He attended both the Sheffield College of Art and the Kingston Upon Hull College of Art, and received his BFA in Painting in 1976. After earning his MFA from Sussex University, he left England for the warmer climate of Arizona, where he pursued painting and sculpture.

    As a boy growing up in England, Hall spent many hours watching his grandfather create fine furniture. “The man was a master craftsman, employing traditional tools and methods handed down through generations. He passed on to me the joy of creating something unique. I am carrying on these traditions in my own work.”

    Hall works in the media of monoprinting and etching, acrylic and other media on large canvases, and designs and paints large wall relives and free-standing steel sculptures. “As I build a painting or sculpture, it is often the actual working methods that I am drawn to. As I learned to finish fine furniture with layer upon layer of polish and wax, I now find myself working with layer upon layer of texture and colour. This method of working triggers memories and feelings that I channel into my art and which enables me to give form to my ideas.