Robert Boreman

  • Robert Boreman

  • Born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1938, Robert Boreman began drawing at a very early age. Throughout his life, Bob has made a living crating art in one form or another. His formal art studies began at Iowa State University and concluded with his BPA at the Art Center in Los Angeles, California. After completing his education, Boreman moved to New York where he worked as an exhibit designer with Raymond Lowey Associates.

    In 1969, Robert turned his attention from free-lance endeavours to the full time pursuit of fine art. His work has taken a journey from realistic illustration to abstraction. “It dictates to me what it will do next”, says Boreman of his work. “At one time, I dealt with my art on an intellectual level, dealing with colour theory and harmony. Now I work from my emotions, creating spontaneous expressions. It’s out of my control. When I’ve hit it, the painting will stand on its own.”

    Boreman is currently creating monoprints and paintings on paper and canvas in his Southern California studio. An individual painting might reflect six or seven underpaintings, adding depth and texture.

    His watercolours, monoprints, paintings, tapestries, and original silkscreen editions are in private and corporate collections all over the world. Some of them include: Getty Oil Corporation; Kennedy Airport, New York, NY; Ritz Carlton, Chicago, IL; Hawaiian Princess Hotel, Waikiki, HI; Brentwood International, Los Angeles, CA; Hyatt Hotels; Hilton Hotels; Doubletree Inns; IBM, Los Angeles, CA; Sheraton Hotels and Baskin Robbins Corporate Offices, Los Angeles, CA.