Robert Florian

  • Robert Florian

  • A young aspiring artist once asked Claude Monet if he would be his instructor. He replied by pointing to their surroundings and told the young man this should be his instructor. This reply is also what artist Robert Florian takes as true words of wisdom. He feels the most important aspect to the process of painting begins with looking closely at our surroundings and absorbing everything it has to offer. Robert has found that keen observation and a natural sense of design are key elements in producing his art.

    Florian’s career in painting began in 1985. Recently Robert’s focus turned towards landscapes surrounding him here in Western Canada. Rugged terrain coupled with heavier brushstrokes in stronger hues worked together to produce a Post-impressionistic style. His interpretations of Western Canada’s beautiful landscapes are bold, expressive and visually pleasing to the eye.

    Robert began to realize that some of the most interesting and most beautiful subjects were right here in his own backyard. Robert has since turned his energies to capturing the rugged, natural, unspoiled beauty of the Canadian landscape. By exploring and striving to capture the wonders and surprises that our land holds, Robert hopes that through his painting others will feel this passion as well.