Sandra Schuster

  • Sandra Schuster

  • “What I like about landscapes is the endless variety which I can draw upon - each on with its own colours, textures, and mood defined by the play of light on the surface. I try to achieve for the viewer, a feeling of connection and familiarity.”

    Born in Clifton, New Jersey in 1946, Schuster began painting while in college, inspired by frequent trips to New York City’s museums and galleries. She earned a degree in Art History graduating with honours, and worked as a museum educator. In 1984 she opened a Fine Arts Studio in Maryland working in oil, watercolour, and pencil. Balancing her love of studio arts and art history, she taught painting, and lectured on American Art. For the past five years she has devoted herself exclusively to painting landscapes. Working in acrylic, Schuster says the medium provides the permanency and luminosity of oil, and the immediacy of watercolour. Her work has been displayed in many solo, group, and invitational exhibits in museums, galleries, and universities. Winning numerous awards, Schuster’s work has found its way into many private, corporate, and museum collections. She currently lives and paints in Maryland.