Shel Neufeld

  • Shel Neufeld

  • I discovered the camera while on vacations across Canada, and through the 1990s, cultivated my art while touring Canada via the now (sadly) defunct Greyhound Bus as a full time musician.

    After settling in Vancouver in 1997, I discovered Uts’am Witness, a collaboration of artists and Squamish Nation. For 10 years I worked bringing public to witness old-growth in context of Squamish ceremony. My photography took off as I experienced Ancient Forests. Today I continue to photograph wild spaces across Canada, as my “witness”.

    Emily Carr’s Nancy Bleck and explorer/Order of Canada recipient John Clarke (Xwelkselken) taught me much about photography and wilderness. After trips with John (Xwelkselken), including 20 days exploring unclimbed peaks near Toba Inlet, I continued photographing on my own trips up to a month long. Afterward, I attempt to express trip experiences of presence, spirituality and nature through both images and personal “journal entries” on my photos.

    In 2004 I opened a gallery on Pender Island after a year-long business course and began presenting at Artisan shows across Canada. I helped found the Pender Artisan Coop in 2006, and have had shows at various galleries since. I spent 2 years on Salt Spring, selling at the market, and relocated to Roberts Creek in 2009. Since 2005 I have also developed and led photography, and nature/farm camps for kids and adults.

    I wish to acknowledge and thank both the Sechelt and Squamish Nation, whose unceded lands I now call home.