Slava Tchistiline

  • Slava Tchistiline

  • Creating images that shimmer with texture, richness of color and sophistication, Viatcheslav Tchistiline (known as Slava Tch) brings together European landscapes and still life in a style that is uniquely his own. Slava specializes in the challenging medium of encaustic painting. This complicated and difficult process dates back to the 2nd century AD where it was developed in Egypt and Byzantium.

    Slava studied art at Kharkove State University and Kharkov Artistic-Industrial institute in the former Soviet Union. He then travelled extensively in Europe and settle for a short while in Holland, where he furthered his studies in painting. Slava now lives in Canada with his wife Natalia and daughter Olga, both of whom are also accomplished artists.
    Slava’s work has received much international acclaim, appearing in public and private collections throughout Europe, Canada, the United States and Latin America. He has also been honored with several prestigious awards including a medal in 1981 for his panoramic display commemorating World War II for the Kursk Museum in Russia.