Susan Singleton

  • Susan Singleton

  • Susan Singleton was born in Seattle, Washington. Raised in a family of scientists and academics, Singleton didn’t begin to grow as an artist until she attended college where she discovered a passion and talent for drawing. Susan earned both her Bachelor of Arts and her Masters in Fine Art in Design/Textiles form the University of Washington in the late 1970’s. She currently lives in the Northwest and works out of her own studio.

    Singleton believes that technology and artistry each have something unique to contribute to artistic expression and she strives for a balance between those elements. “I hope that people perceive a space differently because the art is there, serving to build a humanizing relationship with the architecture around it.”

    Unconfined by convention, Singleton’s prints are recognized as a fresh new approach to traditional subjects. The artist portrays line, texture and colour with a warm and sensuous touch.

    Singleton has an extraordinary technical skill which allows her talent many expressions. “I love to deal with the play of push the rules to the limit - then visibly pull them back again.” The artist uses a lot of pattern and line in her work to achieve this definition.