Tim McFadden

  • Tim McFadden

  • Based in New York, Tim McFadden uses the elements of both the linear and organic world that surrounds him to create his art. The energy and color in his work comes from a need to break free from the confines of his youth and to widen the path of his creative journey. He often uses texture juxtaposed with strong graphic elements that suggests an inner conflict. Carefully hidden by many beautiful layers of color, is a world that exists unto itself. Every layer leaves traces of the one before until the last elements- the most obvious elements- boldly reach outward demanding to be noticed. McFadden considers his creativity intrinsic and his expression of it solely environmental. He is a painter and sculptor, a published author, a writer of poetry and music, a designer and whatever else the moment requires him to be.
    He was born in a small town in Ohio and raised in the country. McFadden has sculpted and painted since he was a child and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kent State University. He has spent time in Europe studying other artists, and his paintings have made their way into private collections in Europe, Asia, as well as North America.