Todd Clark

  • Todd Clark

  • Born in 1963, Todd Clark is a visual artist currently residing in Gibsons, BC. He is a self-taught abstract artist who works in dialogue with his paintings. As an open and spiritual person, he uses painting as a way to connect with diverse people looking for a greater purpose.

    “I'm interested in light, colour, mark, and the balance of spontaneity and control.”

    Todd draws his inspiration from nature, yet he does not seek to recreate any high realism in his paintings. His interest in the medium of paint is evident in his very tactile process of creation. He seeks freedom in his process, and balances the playful with informed, intentional decisions.

    To look upon a work of Clark is to see evidence of years of controlled spontaneity, of an expectation for the unexpected and the confidence to never fear what might come as a result. It is evident that he simply loves to paint.