Vicki Wilber

  • Vicki Wilber

  • Vicki Wilber was born in 1962 in Saigon, Vietnam. Soon after she was born, she and her family moved to Troy, Michigan. In 1982, Wilber studied liberal arts and English at the University of Michigan. She later studied design and intaglio (monoprint) printmaking at Wayne State University in Detroit, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1986. During college, Wilber received an internship, and later a full time job, at Brogan Kabot Advertising Consultancy where she helped handle several accounts and received some experience at copywriting and art direction. Wilber was self employed in the fiber arts field, creating silk-screened and hand-painted yardages and garments. Other artistic endeavours include hand-crafted jewelry, courtroom illustration and photography.

    Wilber is currently exploring texture, plastics and acrylics, a fascination that was re-ignited by her recent trip to Europe. “My work is a fusion of painting and drawing. I use my unconscious mind to paint using automatic strokes. The painting is completed by using my conscious mind to draw and deal with aesthetic concerns. I want to cause viewers to use their imagination, to think. Painting for me is a search to make a moment tangible; to catch the thought or vision in midair. The painting recalls the moment.”