Viviane Gruais

  • Viviane Gruais

  • Viviane Gruais paints lyrically, expressively and from the soul. Her abstract works are done in acrylic, allowing her the speed and immediacy required to create these complex works of art. Described as radiant, spiritual, and full of light, Gruais' paintings are like supernatural portals that invite the viewer to share in the turbulent movement expressed in the marks and colors she uses. Originally from France, Gruais has always been a talented artist and is largely self-taught. Although both her parents were visual artists and art instructors and were her earliest influences.

    Gruais first exhibited her art in 2007 and has been actively creating and showing in galleries since then. Other influences include the culture and customs of First Nations peoples. Gruais has worked closely with First Nations communities in northern Quebec and this is evidenced in the bold use of colour and connection to nature that can be seen in her art.

    Gruais currently lives and works in Quebec, where she aspires to capture the contact motion of urban and natural environments in the essence of her artwork. She is an active member of the French-Canadian arts community