Warren Goodman

  • Warren Goodman

  • An experienced photographer, Warren Goodman has long been capturing scenes of the incredible natural beauty of the BC landscape on film - many taken on the North Shore. It has only been in recent years that he has been recreating his favorite images with acrylics on large canvas.

    Born in Manitoba, Warren left the Prairies at an early age and has made North Vancouver his home since 1975. His art often reflects his lifelong passion for the outdoors. To bring home the beauty of his surroundings while skiing or fishing, his activities have always included a packed camera. Today his excursions are more likely to take him to favourite locations in and around the North Shore Mountains, and occasionally to remote areas of Vancouver Island or Central Northern British Columbia. Still with a camera in hand, envisioning what he might create on canvas later.

    “For most of my youth I was the guy with the camera; always taking photos and annoying friends and family alike. I had my own darkroom and would spend many long nights experimenting, sometimes until light started to leak through the black plastic taped to the window and threatened to return the darkroom to the bathroom it really was. My discovery of painting and drawing in recent years has opened up a new world of possibilities.” – Warren