Ken West

  • Ken West

  • Vancouver born, Ken West, now resides in the west side of Vancouver. An alumnus of the Vancouver School of Art from 1965-67 (now the Emily Carr University of Art and Design) and of Langara College from 1970-71, he and his art are intertwined with his hometown of Vancouver.

    Taking inspiration from the city that raised him, Ken paints predominantly in oil and depicts his subjects with bold and elegant shapes, offered up with smooth surfaces. Thus, the Vancouver landscape is documented as frozen snapshots of a constantly evolving city. A master of light and shadow, Ken’s understanding of the principles allows him to dramatize and abstract his subjects while maintaining a minimalist approach to the composition. The contrast in light allows him to suggest movement to his audience, even though his subjects are graphic stills of urban life. His whimsy and playful realism have garnered recognition in both public and private collections.

    “My primary fascination in painting is with light and composition. I enjoy exploring the graphic nature of composition, always looking for an abstract quality. For me, light is everything. The use of it gives the depth and contrast that I like in my work.”